Variations: Ligaroo, SUCOYAN
A vampiric spirit from Trinidad, the sukuyanappears as a young man or woman. Since it is completely unaffected by sunlight, as well as being one of the very few vampires that actually needs permission to enter into someone's home, the sukuyan begins its hunting during the day. In its shape-shifted form of a handsome young man or attractive young lady, it will knock on doors asking to borrow a cup of flour or a match. If it is given what it asks for, the sukuyan will now be able to enter into the home when it returns at night to begin the process of draining away the blood of the occupants. While it is feeding, the victim suffers from nightmares and sleep paralysis.
To protect one's home from a sukuyan, one must chant, "Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday," three times while making the sign of the cross over every window and doorway, then hang a mirror over them facing outward. When the vampire returns to feed again, it will see itself, assume one of its many animal forms, and flee. Now the animal must be caught and killed by either burning it alive or stoning it to death.
Source: Bisnauth, History of Religions in the Caribbean, 96, 154, 174; Rose, Giants, Monsters and Dragons, 347; Simpson, Religious Cults of the Caribbean, 22, 75

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